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Being on your motorcycle with the cool wind blowing against you is an amazing feeling. It is a great way to be in your happy place and explore all the places you’d like to with ease. However, being on your motorcycle also comes with its share of problems.

This could be due to the bike itself, harsh weather conditions or even having foggy goggles. These problems could be potentially dangerous which is why you need to ensure that you are always prepared.

Ensure that your protective clothing is in check, your motorcycle is in great condition, and that you are riding under the right weather conditions. When it comes to foggy motorcycle goggles, it might seem like a small issue however it poses a great risk you need to ensure that your glasses are always clear.

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What Causes the Fog in Your Goggles?

Ski goggles with a spherical lens

Fog in motocross goggles is caused by the interaction of warm and cold conditions or when there is a presence of moisture in the goggles. It is most prevalent on cold days when your body temperature increases while the surrounding temperature remains cold.

When it comes to moisture, the lack of proper ventilation allows it to adhere to the motorcycle goggles resulting in fog. The best way to address this and stop your goggles from fogging up is by taking the necessary steps. These steps include:

Let Some Air in

Motocross goggles

One of the simplest ways of dealing with fog in your goggles is by allowing proper ventilation. To do this, all you need to do is pop off your glasses for a while and let the air in to help reduce the fog.

However, with this method, you need to ensure that you stop for a while and not do this while riding. This will help you avoid getting into any problems and accidents. This method works well if you’re looking for a short term solution or when you have no other choice at the moment.

Take your time as the air clears up the fog and once that is done, pop them back on and continue on your journey. The problem is that you might have to repeat these steps each time the glasses fog up.

Anti Fog Cleaner

Anti-fog spray

Anti-fog cleaners are available in both balms and sprays giving each one a choice on what they’d prefer to use. When it comes to using the anti-fog balm, all you need to do is apply a bit in your motorcycle goggles.

This will leave your goggles clear and free from any fog throughout the day. With this, you won’t have to worry about any vision impairment brought about by foggy goggles. Most anti-fog balms will have a description that you should pay attention to.

The description is meant to help you determine whether your choice of the anti-fog balm is safe to use on your particular motocross goggle lenses.

On the other hand, using anti-fog spray is also not that different. All you need to do is spray your solution onto the goggle lenses and let it sit for a few seconds. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe your goggles thoroughly ensuring no residue or streaks are left behind.

Once that is done, your goggles will be good to go and won’t fog up for the rest of the day. This is a great solution for your daily use given that it will get the job done right.

Anti Fog Permanent Coating

Goggles with anti-fog coating

This is a more permanent solution for dealing with fog in your motorcycle goggles. It involves the application of a chemically bonded coating to both sides of the goggle lenses before it is cut.

This coating works its magic to influence the molecular levels and interactions happening in the goggles. It particularly inhibits the combination of water molecules and prevents them from sticking together.

The combination that is prevented is what causes the intense fog in your goggles making it so hard to see and continue with your riding session. With the application of the anti-fog permanent coating, you won’t have to deal with any fog issues from the get-go.

It is a great solution seeing as you won’t have to put in the daily effort as compared to when using a balm or a spray.

Dual Pane Goggles

Dual-pane goggles

Dual-pane goggles are motorcycle goggles designed to completely eradicate the problem of foggy lenses from the life of a rider. These goggles are specifically designed for this purpose and completely reduce the hustle of having to worry about protecting them in any way.

Some of these dual pane goggles also come with a ventilation system that is very accurate and reliable. It works to ensure that a consistent flow of air is maintained at all times ensuring that the moisture escapes. This helps reduce the steam effect that could occur during your riding.

Given the features and the convenience that comes with dual pane goggles, you can expect the prices to be higher than the standard motorcycle goggles. This means it will be an investment that you’ll need to consider and determine whether it’s worth it.

However, if you’re not in a position to invest in such right now, the next best thing is to do a lens replacement. With your current motocross goggles, you can easily replace the lenses and include dual pane ones. Doing a lens replacement will be much cheaper and will work just as well as the dual-pane goggles.

Plastic Water Repellant

Plastic water repellent

A plastic water repellant is a liquid spray that works on plastic surfaces to help keep the water away. It works great for motorcycle goggles to ensure that fogging up is not a problem you need to deal with.

It works by transforming rainwater into tiny droplets that are directed away from the lenses. This makes it feel like it’s not raining seeing as the water isn’t affecting you in any way.

Without the rain interacting with the temperature in your goggles there will be no fog experienced. This is a great tool to have as you ride also include a microfiber cloth alongside it.

Breath Boxes

Breath box

If you’re using goggles underneath a helmet, this is something you should consider to reduce the fog in your goggles. Breath boxes are tiny tools that are used to form a barrier above your nose and mouth.

This barrier is meant to facilitate better airflow each time you exhale. The air will be in a better position to move downward instead of upwards which contributes to the moisture that causes fog in the goggles. This is a great option for those people who prefer having a helmet on and still have their goggles in check.

In addition to the tips above, you can also consider taking a few preventative measures. They include making sure that your motorcycle goggles are not too loose while you wear them.

This is because wearing loose goggles increases the chances of it fogging up.  Make sure you have your goggles tightened to ensure they fit you better.

To make it better and more secure and tight you can consider using goggles that come with straps. If made to your specific head size, they’ll be snug and fit as they should.


Foggy motorcycle goggles can mess you up and lead to a very nasty accident. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to ensure that the fog is dealt with.

You have the option of choosing short term solutions if you have the patience or long term solutions that give you a bit of a break. Take your time to find a solution that works for you and always ensure that your goggles are free from any fog.