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Why Choose Fetop Goggles

We are born to make goggles that help you conquer the outdoors.

  • Frame Material

    Each Fetop frame uses individually molded premium TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) , offering the highest level of resistance to abrasion and changing temperatures. The premium TPU used is also anti-yellowing !

  • Face Fit

    The lightweight outer frame holds the lens securely without bending, effectively preventing visual distortion. The soft and pliable inner faceplate conforms to your face like it is made just for you.

  • High Density Foam

    We use high density fitting foam that molds to the wearers’ face shape to offer optimum comfort your skin, which also gives additional protection from solar radiation and moisture.

  • Silicone Back Strap

    The non-slip silicone provides enhanced grip between the goggle strap and your mountain headwear, keeping your goggles in place.

  • Helmet Compatible

    Fetop’s adjustable strap makes sure our goggles are suitable for all activities that involve helmets, including dirtbike riding, 4wheeler driving, skiing, snowmobiling and more .

  • Over The Glasses (OTG)

    Fetop offers OTG(over the glasses) goggles that can perfectly accommodate to prescription eyewear, meaning no one has to sacrifice vision or comfort under any conditions.

  • Wide Field of Vision

    Our wide angle lens allows you to enjoy maximum peripheral vision, you will never miss a thing again.

  • Venting System

    Our Airflow lens technology features vents in the brow of the lens, which increases the circulation of fresh air, keeping the inner lens dry and fog-free, this way your vision will be crystal clear all day long.

  • Inner Anti-Fog Lens

    Fetop’s inner no fogging CA(cellulose acetate) lens is imported from Italy which provides superior anti-fog performance and durability.

  • Outer Lens Material

    All Fetop outer lens are full loaded with maximum UV400 protection with superior coatings, offering high impact resistance. PC(Polycarbonate), Polarized, Photochromic and other special material lens are available.

  • Anti-Water ( Hydrophobic )

    Durable coating bonded to all mirrored lenses that repels moisture. Water spots will be diminished for the hydrophobic mirror, no fingerprints will be left.

  • Weather Condition

    We use filter ideal to any weathers, it darkens or lightens according to the intensity of light.

  • Double Lens System

    Fetop goggles apply a double lens system to reduce condensation. The air trapped between the 2 screens acts like an insulator, therefor the condensation develops more slowly on the inner screen, preventing fogging.

  • Anti-Reflective Coating

    Permanent coating applied to the lenses helps to prevent scratches. Anti-scratch layer makes the lenses more durable.

  • Anti-Scratch Coating

    Permanent coating applied to the lenses helps to prevent scratches. Anti-scratch layer makes lenses more durable, impact resistance.

  • Lens Ventilation

    Lens ventilation offers airflow between the inner and outer lenses, it increases the circulation of fresh air to keep the inner lens dry so as to improves the anti-fog performance.

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Bulk customization service for Ski Goggles, Motocross Goggles & Military Goggles.

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Snow Goggles

Our snow goggles are designed to offer you premium comfort and high functionality at all times. With our easily adjustable strap systems, you get to choose a fitting that is right for you. The straps are equally stylish, non-slip and you can count on them to last. Worried about bulky uncomfortable frames? Not with Fetop ski goggles. Our frames are lightweight, compact, and naturally complement facial features. They are also lined with top-quality breathable foam for extra comfort.
For clear uninterrupted vision as you ski, Fetop ski goggles are fitted with top-of-the-range anti-scratch lenses. They have an anti-fog layer and can be customized with light protection features like anti-glare and photochromic layers. We offer an assorted selection of lens colors.

MX Goggles

Fetop MX goggles are the ultimate companion for your motocross adventures. They have a sturdy yet lightweight frame that is durable and can keep up with all kinds of terrain. Moreover, all our frames are compatible with MX helmets and are held in place by non-slip straps as you ride. We offer numerous strap options in fashionable designs and they are all adjustable to your comfort.
Are you tired of motocross goggles lenses that never last? Let us change that for you. Fetop MX goggles are made with high-grade anti-scratch lenses that can withstand the impact of debris and remain intact. They provide high visual clarity, as well as UV and anti-glare protection.

Military Goggles

We understand how challenging and intense tactical missions can be. This is why our military goggles are made with premium standard components that make them durable and reliable. Our frame designs are comfortable and compatible with combat helmets. They are available in different materials such as impact-resistant polycarbonate and temperature-resistant TPU. Each design has ventilation structures with debris filtration.
Fetop military goggles lenses are anti-scratch and resilient against impact. They further provide UV protection and are customizable with anti-glare and night vision enhancements on request. You can also look forward to confident excursions with our adjustable tactical goggles strap systems. They are easy to clasp on the go and can be customized to your preference too.

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Our Services

Our Services

Over the years, Fetop has earned priceless experience in every step of the process. From design to production, we are glad to offer you our expertise through a full range of services.

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Quality Control

Quality Control

All our goggles are examined on every step of the production, and approved by the CE certification.