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Fetop Motorcycle Goggles

We manufacture and wholesale top-of-the-line motorcycle goggles including biker goggles to guarantee you the ultimate riding experience. Our designs are comfortable, fashionable, and built to last. We offer a variety of styles to cater to different tastes and also take orders for custom motorcycle goggles. You can customize features such as color, strap inscriptions, and lens elements.

When you choose us as your motorcycle goggles manufacturer you are assured of impeccable service. We respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours and fulfill orders on time. Both during and after your purchase, our team will be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. All our products have CE and EN1938 certification.

Fetop MX Goggles


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  • Lightweight durable frame
  • 45/50 mm width adjustable anti-slip silicone strap
  •  high-density face foam for maximum sweat absorption
  • Removable nose guard for added protection and rider comfort
  •  Anti-scratch  anti- fog UV400 PC lens, mirror color lens and curved/cylindrical  lens are  available
Removable nose guard for added protection and rider comfort
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Removable nose guard for added protection and rider comfort
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Removable nose guard for added protection and rider comfort
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Removable nose guard; TPU frame
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FTM-009 Roll-Off
XL vision anti fog anti scratch UV400 PC lens; 48mm large roll off system is avaialble; Removable nose guard; TPU frame
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Wide field vision with magnetic lens system, 1.8mm thicker pre-curved lens; TPU frame
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What are Good Motocross Goggles?


The ideal motocross goggles frame should fit comfortably on the contours of your face without undue tightness or skin pinching. It should be made of a smooth but unyielding material such as TPU which is durable and can firmly hold lenses in place. Additionally, the size and shape of the frame should be compatible with the design of motocross helmets.


Bright lights and debris such as dust particles can interfere with your vision during motocross sessions. It is, therefore, recommended that lenses on motocross goggles have UV and anti-glare protection layers to protect your eyes from exposure to overly bright lights. An anti-scratch feature is equally essential so that the lens is not damaged by the impact of debris.


The strap system ensures that your motocross goggles stay in place throughout your ride. It should fit comfortably and clasp at the back of your helmet without any strain. Preferably, the length of the strap should be easily adjustable. In terms of fabric, non-slippery options are a lot easier to handle considering that the straps may get wet out in the snow.

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Why Choose Fetop?

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Frame Technology

Our frame designs are well-defined and provide a full view with no obstruction of peripheral vision. Some models have TPU frames while others have a combination of ABS and PU leather. Both types of frames are highly durable and comfortable but appeal to different personal styles. They are all compatible with motorcycle helmets.

With Fetop frames, you can look forward to stress-free strap changing as our frames are designed with easy-to-use strap systems. If you experience discomfort along your nose ridge, we offer a model with a removable nose guard.

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Lens Technology

We use clear PC lenses on all our MX goggles. They have a UV400 rating which enables you to ride out in the sun with absolute comfort and confidence. Additionally, the anti-scratch feature ensures that the lenses remain clear even after years of use.

For rough terrain, we offer a single design high impact-resistant lens. When combined with our roll-off and tear off systems, you will have no problems facing and quickly getting rid of any debris. These lens systems are available in different widths depending on your needs.

Custom Motocross Goggles in Bulk

Fashionable Designs

At Fetop, we understand that personal style and branding matter to our customers. This is why we offer customization services to enable you to modify your dirt bike goggles. You are welcome to choose from our wide range of color options, artwork, and logo inscriptions.

An engineer working on a 3D model of Fetop goggles
Attaching the foam to the frame of the goggles


Customer satisfaction is important to us. When you entrust with an order of custom dirt bike goggles, our team will execute your design request and provide you with a sample. Production will begin upon your approval.


Our well-equipped factory enables us to fulfill our customers’ orders fast while maintaining the highest standards of production. We also have a flexible production scale which allows us to accommodate both small and large orders of wholesale motorcycle goggles. Quality inspections are performed on all units before dispatch.

goggles lens production

Fast Shipping

In keeping with our policy on short turnaround times, we strive to ship out your wholesale biker goggles orders as fast as possible. Our team will keep you updated on the status of your order and help you address any challenges you may experience. They can also advise you on various shipping options.