FAQ - Fetop


Have an important question but can’t find it in our quick tips below? then send us an email at info@fetoptics.com and we will respond to your enquiry within 24hrs.
1What is the difference between lens plating REVO and imitation REVO?
Real Revo goggles : (1) has higher light transmission rate which means they make colors and objects appear clearer, so you can see every detail of the open road, golf course, or mountain trail ahead. (2) has a better appearance. Revo goggles look clearer and classic. (3) is more durable. Fake Revo goggles usually have their coating film peeled off easily.
2What lens do you use for skiing goggles?
Fetop skiing goggles utilize double layer lenses and they are proven to be anti-fogging.
3Where are your anti-fogging lenses from?
Our CA(CELLULOSE ACETATE) 0.5mm thickness anti fog lens is imported from Italy,
4What should I do if I the goggles have quality issues?
Please follow these procedures: Take photos of the defects - E-mail info@fetoptics.com - communication - wait for investigation and evaluation. The FETOP will assist with along the way and find the best solution to solve the issue.
5Can we customize the frame and the lens?
Yes, you can customize your goggles by the color of the color and the lens.
6Can I print logos on the strap? What kind of logos can we put?
Yes we provide custom logo service and can put any logos you desire on the strap.