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Fetop Military Goggles

Fetop military goggles are designed to offer you safety and total comfort during tactical maneuvers. All our designs are based on in-depth research and manufactured in line with recommended military standards. Each component is carefully chosen to ensure that we deliver premium quality goggles.

We are committed to being your one-stop-shop military goggles manufacturer. As such, we offer various models to cater to different needs and applications. If you have unique requirements, our dedicated design team can help you customize your military glasses as desired. Our services are seamless and aimed at giving you the best possible customer experience and after-sale care.

Fetop Army Goggles


Why Choose Fetop?

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Frame Technology

The frames of our army spectacles are designed to be sturdy and able to keep up with the rigors of combat. Depending on the model, we use either polycarbonate or flexible TPU frames.

The polycarbonate frame is firm and handles high impact well without breaking. The flexible TPU frame is a full perimeter frame with vents to ensure that the lens does not fog up. It also has a filtration system that prevents debris from getting into the frame and obstructing your field of view. The TPU material is also temperature resistant.

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Lens Technology

Our high-impact iron vent lens is ideal for an airsoft shooting gaming experience. The vent holes are designed in a way that maintains visual clarity while offering you the protection you need. Both the lens and the vent are held firmly in place by the frame.

We also offer an anti-fog, anti-scratch single design lens that is ideal for shooting eye protection and military combat. It has a UV400 rating for visual comfort during the day and is wide enough for peripheral vision. It is low-profile and works well for night vision too.