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Fetop Windproof Goggles

Driving All-terrain Vehicles(ATVs) exposes you to dust, wind, and debris that can affect your eyesight. We manufacture and wholesale windproof goggles that are designed to protect your vision from such elements and keep you comfortable throughout your expeditions. They are made up of special resilient lenses mounted on a sturdy frame with adjustment straps.

The lenses shield your eyes and keep your line of sight clear at all times. This prevents sight disorientation which can result in accidents. The frame and straps, on the other hand, keeps the goggles in position during bumpy rides. Our ATV goggles frames are smooth and carefully crafted for maximum comfort. We source all components from premium brands and they are assembled using the latest technology.

Fetop ATV/UTV Goggles

For more product series, lens type, colors, strap design, and other details please contact us.

What are Good Winproof Riding Goggles?


Quality ATV riding goggles should have a durable frame that holds the lens firmly in place. The outline should be well-designed to rest on your facial features and provide a comfortable fit. The shape and dimensions. of the frame should also be compatible with ATV helmets as the two are worn together.


ATV goggles lenses are supposed to protect your eyes from outdoor elements. They should, therefore, shatter-proof, scratch-resistant, and clear to allow crisp vision. Other helpful features include anti-glare, UV, and photochromic protection which would help you see better out in the sun. Different lens colors are also more favorable for riding in high and low light conditions.


Straps secure UTV goggles in place when clasped at the back of your helmet. They should provide just the right fit such that the frame is secured neither too tight nor too loose. For a better user experience, it would be ideal for the straps to be made of durable non-slippery fabric and have an easy-to-use clasp.


Good quality foam is soft and breathable. As such, your powersport goggles should have a foam lining along the frame to help reduce friction between your face and the frame. Additionally, it would wick off sweat to prevent discomfort and fogging or blurring up of the ATV goggles lens.

Why Choose Fetop?

goggles frame icon

Frame Technology

We design our frames to deliver the highest possible comfort and functionality. They are wide enough to provide ample peripheral vision and contoured to fit well on facial features. Moreover, both our TPU and ABS/PU leather frames are lined with premium foam for all-day comfort and are compatible with ATV helmets.

Our strap systems are adjustable, easy to use, and can be changed on-the-go. They are made of slip-resistant fabric that is durable and easy to clean. All straps are available in an assorted collection of colors and prints.

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Lens Technology

We understand how challenging various terrains can be. This is why our ATV goggles are fitted with anti-scratch lenses that remain clear even with debris being hurled at them during rides. For particularly rough terrain, we also offer a model with an impact-resistant lens and a peel-off protective layer that is replaceable.

All Fetop power sport goggle lenses have a UV400 rating to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Additional protective features like anti-glare and photochromic layers can also be included upon request. Each lens system is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Custom Goggles in Bulk

Fashionable Designs

If you would like to bring some style to the riding trails, we can work with you to create a custom design that matches your style. We have a wide variety of lens and strap colors that you can choose from depending on what you fancy.

An engineer working on a 3D model of Fetop goggles
Attaching the foam to the frame of the goggles


It is important to us that we deliver the best ATV goggles to our clients. To this end, we offer samples of custom designs for your approval before we begin production. You are welcome to request any modifications you may require upon receiving your samples.


The Fetop factory is well-equipped with the latest technology and has the capacity to produce powersport goggles in bulk and within short turnaround times. Further, each set of goggles is put through multiple quality inspection tests before being dispatched to our clients.

goggles lens production

Fast Shipping

We value our customers’ time and schedules. As such, we ship out all orders as soon as they are ready and use tried and tested delivery networks to avoid delays. Our customer service team also stays in touch with our clients during the delivery window to ensure everything runs smoothly.