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The tumultuous events of 2020 disrupted the skiing scene just as it did every other sector. Most ski resorts fell silent while others shut down altogether as travel complications barred most would-be ski tourists from traveling.

However, news of a vaccine is sparking hope that the early, in-the-year 2021 ski season could still be salvaged. On an even brighter note, ski apparel designers seem to have been busy during the lockdown period. From next-level snow goggles to phenomenal skis, the latest designs coming onto the market are certainly poised to bring skiing back with a bang.

So, if you are keen on how to look stylish while skiing, here are some great ski-wear fashion trends to look out for.

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Innovative Skis

Designing skis is a tough balancing act. The dimensions have to be precise and shaped properly for you to maneuver with adequate balance and comfort. It is this focus on functionality over form that has often led to bulky skis that can hardly be termed as fashionable.

In an exciting twist, the new ski fashion season brings with it sleeker, high-performance, and lightweight ski designs. The Santa Ana women-specific skis from Nordica are a good example of this. They have been re-designed to be much lighter and more effective by replacing the previously bulky layers of metal with a sheet of Terrain Specific Metal.

This is a trend that many other brands are exploring by testing lighter but high-strength materials such as Paulownia to see how they would fare in different conditions. In light of this, as the year progresses you can expect to see a growing variety of fashionable less cumbersome skis.

Assorted skis next to ski boots
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Fetop Snowboard goggles

Stylish High-spec Snow Goggles

Proper sight is not something you want to gamble with up on the ski slopes. As such, any improvements to snow goggles are something worth celebrating.

In terms of functional design, magnetic lenses are likely going to be all the rage in the ski goggles market. They are easy to swap out and you never have to worry about your lenses falling off. Plus, compared to other lens attachment styles, well-placed magnets are unnoticeable and make for a smooth, elegant goggles finish.

On frame options, rimless ski goggles seem to have cemented their popularity among most skiers. However, you might also get enticed by some of the dynamic colored frames on offer. More so if you like to color coordinate your ski outfit. Some top-brand ski goggles manufacturers even offer customization services where you can have your pick of frame colors.

Eco-friendly Ski Wear

Adverse climate change could greatly and directly affect skiing in the long term. Melting snow caps, for example, could lead to catastrophic avalanches and unsafe ski slopes.

In response to these and other climate concerns, ski fashion designers are shifting to biodegradable fabrics and P.U.R.E manufacturing. These bio-based fabrics are enhanced using polymers to ensure that you still enjoy waterproof coverage. If you are worried about style, while they may be made out of recycled material, no one would ever notice. They are designed to look as stylish as ever and they come in a wide selection of colors.

Eco-awareness symbol
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Lightweight-design black helmet
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New Age Helmets

A large number of skiers that forego helmets often complain about them being too heavy or uncomfortable. So much so that they find it worth the risk to ski without. On the other hand, others that do wear helmets quietly resent them for making their heads look like mushrooms. Do you fall into any of these categories? What would your dream ski helmet look and feel like?

The new age helmets you may encounter in 2021 are much lighter but certified to offer Level 1 protection. It took a lot of engineering and material tests but designers finally found a way to give your neck a break; pun unintended. You may also be delighted to find more of them padded with the highly recommended MIPS liner.

A less bulky design means you can comfortably use these trendy helmets both frontside and backcountry. As for the ‘Mushroom head’ phenomenon, it may have met its end with designers offering better-curved designs and flamboyant colors to go with them.

Other new and cool helmet design features include:


The highlight of most 2021 ski fashion trends is that they will have you looking your best and comfortable at the same time. It is also quite impressive that design strategy is shifting to accommodate ski gear performance enhancement, fashion, and even the environment. Suffice to say, whether it is cool frameless ski goggles or a recyclable ski jacket, there is something for everyone.