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Fetop is a ski goggles manufacturer & supplier committed to offering quality, stylish ski & snowboard goggles that are comfortable for all skiing adventures. We also have the best snowmobile goggles. We use the latest innovative technology in the field and keep up with current trends to ensure we offer the best products. Each set of goggles is designed with our customers’ needs in mind and manufactured using premium materials.

Further, we understand that our clients have different preferences. To honor this, we manufacture and wholesale a wide variety of designs for customers to choose from. We also offer customization services to accommodate special design requests. Our talented design team will diligently work with you to create custom ski goggles that match your needs. We guarantee you fast delivery and excellent service throughout your purchase.

Fetop Ski Goggles


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  • Super flexible frame
  • Dual-layer spherical lens for a wider viewing area, with anti-scratch and anti-fog UV400 features
  • the inner CA(cellulose acetate) anti-fog lens is imported from Italy.
  • Polycarbonate/Polarized/Photochromic (Transition)/High Contrast lens are optional on the outer lens, and Anti Reflective/Mirror Color/Anti Glare/Ventilation are available.
  • Triple-layer foam
Frameless TPU; Venting technology
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Frameless TPU; Venting technology; Youth size design;
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Mold injected flexible TPU with venting technology; Triple Layer face foam and face microfleece
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TPU frame; Speed Snap Lens Exchange system
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TPU with venting technology; Triple Layer face foam and face microfleece
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Quick and Secure Pop- Pin Lens Change System; Pouch/Hard Case/Window box package option; Changable strap;
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Frameless Spherical Magnetic Goggles; Quick-Grip Magnetic Lens System
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Super flexible eco-friendly TPU frame; High-density Triple Layer face foam and face microfleece
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Frame- Cylindrical Lens Design; Pouch/Hard Case/Window box package option
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Frame- Cylindrical Lens Design; Pouch/Hard Case/Window box package option
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Super flexible eco-friendly TPU frame; High-density Triple Layer face foam and face microfleece
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Super flexible eco-friendly TPU frame; High-density Triple Layer face foam and face microfleece; Youth size design
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What are Good Ski Goggles?


Good ski goggles frames should be made of quality unyielding material like polyurethane. This ensures the durability of the ski goggles and helps them stay in place during skiing. Additionally, the frame design should match the shape of your face and be compatible with ski helmets. A proper face fit provides maximum comfort while helmet compatibility is paramount for safety.


Ski goggles lenses are supposed to protect and aid your vision during various skiing conditions. Quality lenses should, therefore, have features such as UV, photochromic, and anti-glare protection layers to shield your eyes from glaring sunlight. Different lens colors could also help you see better during challenging light conditions.


A lot of friction occurs between your skin and your ski goggles frames as you ski. This, in addition to sweat, can lead to unbearable discomfort. To prevent such problems, ski goggles frames should be lined with soft, durable foam.


Straps are used to secure your ski goggles in place. It is thus essential that they fit properly over your ski helmet and tie comfortably at the back of it. This is much easier to achieve if they have loops for adjustment. Non-slippery fabric is equally highly recommended as it provides a better grasp when tying the strap.

Why Choose Fetop?

goggles frame icon

Frame Technology

Our ski goggles frames are trendy light-weight designs that are compatible with frameless skiing helmets. They are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is highly durable and resistant to temperature changes. They also have a smooth inner faceplate to ensure complete comfort and a perfect fit.

All our frames have a user-friendly strap system to make it easy for you to quickly change your straps whenever you need to. They are also fitted with high-energy magnets to hold the lenses in place. Both the magnets and strap slots are well-placed to provide a seamless look.

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Lens Technology

Fetop ski goggle lenses have a dual-spherical shape to enhance peripheral vision while skiing. They are anti-scratch to ensure durability and anti-fog to provide clear vision at all times. Additional features such as a photochromic outer layer, as well as anti-reflective and anti-glare technologies, are all available on request.

Each lens is fitted with powerful magnets that hold it in place on the frame. You never have to worry about them falling off. Our unique Magnetic Lens System also allows you to easily swap out lenses when weather conditions change.

Custom Ski Goggles in Bulk

Fashionable Designs

Find the ski goggles that fit your ski apparel the best here. We can customize the color of the lens and straps of your ski goggles to suit your tastes. Logos and artwork can also be inscribed on straps upon request.

An engineer working on a 3D model of Fetop goggles
Attaching the foam to the frame of the goggles


We are happy to provide you with a sample of your custom ski goggles design before we begin production. You are welcome to consult our team on any further design alterations you may require at this stage. Production will begin immediately after your approval.


Fetop is committed to delivering the best quality of ski & snowboard goggles to every customer. Our team is highly trained and equipped with the latest machine technology for all manufacturing processes. Each set of ski goggles undergoes rigorous quality verification processes before packing and shipment.

goggles lens production

Fast Shipping

We are an international ski goggles supplier that offers short turnaround times and ensures that your ski goggles are shipped to you as soon as they are ready. Our after-sales team is always available to answer any queries you may have about the status of your order.