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Riding a motocross bike is considered an extreme sport; they can move really fast over any type of terrain with ease, and for this reason, riders usually wear all kinds of special gear that are designed for protecting them as they move. One of them is the motocross riding goggles. They shield the eyes for the sunlight, the wind, and any flying objects, but they don’t come cheap.

This raises another important question: If you have bad eyesight that depends on prescription glasses, can you use them as a substitute for motocross goggles? Is there a way you can use both the glasses and the goggles at the same time or motorcycle goggles over glasses? We are going to look at what can and what cannot be done in regards to this topic.

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Dealing with Bad Eyesight

Normal eyeglasses don’t have the means to be used independently for motocross riding as they cannot be secured that well. Fortunately for people who wear glasses, there are some solutions around this that save them the pain of having to either ride without protective gear or leave riding altogether. The following are some of the things you can do to address this.

Wear Contacts

This is the best solution around this; rather than wearing normal glasses, you can simply switch them out with contact lenses, which will allow you to easily put on goggles over your eyes and go about your business without any issues. They will stay out of the way and save for the regular change and eye drops needed every now and then; they are very handy. You just have to be careful that no dust gets past the motocross goggles because that would be very painful if they got into the eyes.

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Wear Glasses Underneath

This will work with a helmet that comes with a visor windshield in front, or special goggles called the OTG motorcycle goggles. Rather than put goggles to cover the glasses, which can be cumbersome, get yourself a sizable bike helmet with a windshield that will close over the glasses keeping your eyes safe without interfering with your eyesight. Not many helmets do support this as they are too tight, so go for the types that have a wider eye-port that can accommodate any size of eyeglasses.

Forgo the Glasses

A good number of people that wear glasses only need them when they are reading or for intense work that requires them to be close to what they are doing. Outside of this, they can function pretty well without them. If you are this kind of person, then you’d be served better if you ditched your glasses when going for a ride, but only do this if you have the coincidence that you can see well without them or you may be unable to judge distances and end up in a bad accident on the road.

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Get the Glasses Modified

This is another option you may want to consider, which may require more resources and time. Rather than go for contact lenses, which may be uncomfortable, or the normal glasses which may not fit, or riding without anything which may not be ideal, you could choose to have an extra pair of glasses modified for riding only. They can be fitted with straps and suction cups like swimming goggles so that they can cover the eye from any external object.

This is a long short option since it requires a lot of considerations for the engineering part, but if you can pull it off, then you will have yourself a pair of very reliable glasses for your motocross rides.

Point of Caution

Word of Caution
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When dealing with contact lenses, never forget to carry your eye droppers and be aware that the kind of movement that is common when using a motorcycle may be too much for the contact lenses to stay in place. For this reason, they never come highly recommended. The OTG goggles are your best shot when it comes to having fun with your motorbike, even when your eyes are bad. There are many Motocross goggle manufacturers that specialize in creating custom goggles, which will be more than happy to make a special request, so explore that option.


On the question of whether you can ride your motocross with your glasses, the answer is yes. There are many ways as outlined above that you can use to go about this. There’s no reason to deny yourself the thrill of speeding down roads on your speed bike just because your eyesight is not that good. Feel free to visit our website if you have any questions or if you would like to have a customized pair of goggles made just for you.