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You can’t control the weather, the best you can do is to dress for it. For most motorcyclist enthusiasts, dealing with rain has to be one of the most annoying things on the road, not only does the road become slippery and dangerous, but there’s always that chance of being drenched wet to the bone.

To beat this, there is special gear that you can wear as a rider, gears like, dust protection bike goggles, anti-fog motorcycle goggles, and rain suits to shield yourself within extreme weather conditions. Some of the notable rain gears include the following.

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Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs Rain Suit
Source: Amazon

This comes in a pair set that includes the jacket and pants. They are made of breathable non-woven fabric that is not just waterproof but also highly resistant to wind on top of being super lightweight. The jacket is full length and this means that it covers the hands and leaves some extra layer of cloth to go over the hands completely. The pants on the other hand have adjustable leg openings that allow you to seal them tight just near the ankle area to stop water from splashing in.

The seams are also elastic with strings on the inside that allow the user to adjust the fit as they want. They are all foldable and can be squeezed into a bag when not in use.




Long and extendable


Easy storage


No pockets

No reflective trims

Not heat resistant

The fabric material is inferior

FTH-012 MX Goggle Model

FTH-012 MX Goggles

The specially made FTH-012 MX goggles is exactly what you want to have with you when dealing with torrential rainfall. The goggles come equipped with an anti-fogging layer on the inside that ensures your vision remains clear no matter how much warm air accumulates inside the goggles.

The goggles come with a leather ABS&PU frame that ensures it holds onto the face at all times even when the road is full of bumps. You can also make quick adjustments when you need to for it to fit around your head well.



Leather frame

Allows for adjustments



The anti-fogging coating is fragile and prone to damage if scratched

Touratech Destino Adventure Boots

Touratech Destino Adventure Boots
Source: touratech-usa.com

The Touratech Destino Adventure Boots are built for any kind of weather and terrain. Be it rain, snow or any other extreme condition, as long as you have them strapped up on your feet, you can go through just about anything.

They are made using impact resistant polyurethane material that protects delicate parts like the small toe from injury on top of being waterproof, you could drive through  flood and no drop would get inside, thanks to the many straps that line the boot on top of it being a high boot that covers most of the lower leg. The boots also feature a stainless steel loop that a rider can use to lock onto the bike to stop the foot from slipping off.



Impact resistant

Solid locking mechanism

Anti-bacterial sole


A bit heavy

Only effective when worn with longer pants

Icon Airflite Helmet

Icon Airflite Helmet
Source: fc-moto.de

The Icon Airflite helmet may look like a simple getup but the product packs some impressive features that make it one of the most reliable motorcycle gear if you ever find yourself in the rain.

The helmet is designed with aerodynamics in play to ensure tat nothing comes between the rider and speed. The visor is also made using high quality material that repels both dust and moisture with the inner part exhibiting anti-fogging capabilities. When you have this over your head, you’ll have no need for goggles or an umbrella, as long as you combine it with a good jacket, you will be dry by the end of the journey.


Colorful options

Different sizes

Reflective strips

Anti-fogging coating



It is quite heavy


When dealing with rain, it is always a good idea to go out prepared. Wearing a rain suit is not enough, you also need a good pair of motorcycle goggles to keep the water from your face to have a clear view of the road. We are a leading manufacturer of motocross goggles for riders of all kinds. For more information, visit our website and go through our long catalog and see if you can find something that tickles your fancy.