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Whether you are in the military and have to go on missions or are just training to go for hunts and other activities, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The most important one being your safety gear. One of the most overlooked safety gears that you should always have with you is the military tactical goggles. These goggles are meant to keep your eyes protected and help you prevent any hindrance to your sight.

This eyewear is different from other options like motorcycle goggles. They are made specifically to protect your eyes from bullets and any other projectiles. This means that the goggles are reinforced and made to be bulletproof. If you’d like to invest in this protective eyewear, here are a few things you should consider.

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Material Used

Material Used
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Paying attention to the material used during the manufacturing of the lenses and frame is essential. It will give you a better idea of how the goggles will hold up. When it comes to materials used in goggles you have 3 options to work with. They include:


The first is the CR-39 that features the use of plastic on all goggles. This material is a great idea if you just need to show it off. However, when it comes to protection, this material will not do much for you. The material is flimsy and easily breakable. This means that it cannot be confidently used as a protective eyewear piece.


When it comes to tactical goggles, this is the most used and preferred material when manufacturing. Polycarbonate is a more flexible material that renders it very strong and unbreakable on impact with a projectile. Goggles made using this material are very safe to use in the field. This material is lightweight which means it won’t prove to be difficult to work with. On the other hand, it also comes in tinted, polarized, clear, and transitions. This gives you the chance to choose one that suits your style.


The Trivex material is more superior to the polycarbonate material which makes its lenses more durable. It is stated to have a higher abbe value compared to polycarbonate. This means that lenses made using this material have less color distortion. This also makes this material the perfect fit when customizing your goggles with a prescription. It is more efficient and ensures that your vision isn’t distorted when shooting.

Choosing the Right Color Lenses

Choosing the Right Color Lenses
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As you look for the right goggles to invest in, you need to understand that different colored lenses are meant to aid you differently. With this in mind, you need to figure out what function matters most to you.

However, there are those goggles that you can easily customize on the go and change out your lenses. This is a great feature especially if you feel the need to have multiple colored lenses to aid you. The different colors available include:


The clear lenses feature a 98% visible light transmission and are best used in areas with poor lighting conditions. They can also work great in an indoor shooting range given that there isn’t much light exposure.


With the yellow lenses, light transmission stands at 68% and is best used in low lighting situations. These lenses also provide great protection from blue light, especially on cloudy days. The goggles will also help highlight greens and yellows more. This means they would be useful in target practice when dealing with such colors.


When it comes to these lenses, you find that the visible light transmission is quite low. It ranges between 12% and 15%. These lenses are best suited for areas with bright light conditions. These goggles are a great fit, especially when working with direct exposure to sunlight.


For most people, this color might be a bit confusing. It is a blend of yellow and light copper colors. This means that one gets to enjoy the advantages that come with both these colored lenses. It features a 55% VLT and is meant to be used in low to medium lighting conditions.

Right Fitting

Right Fitting
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Your tactical goggles are meant to be secured on you to ensure that they don’t fall off easily. You also need to ensure that they are comfortable to ensure that they don’t hinder your performance. With this in mind, you’ll need to take your time and get your glasses fitted to your desired specifications. As you do this, also ensure to go for the fitting with your earmuffs in hand. This is especially important because your earmuffs will affect how your goggles fit.


Investing in military tactical goggles is a great step towards ensuring that you are well-protected at all times. When buying your goggles, ensure that you pay attention to the materials used. Also, consider the different colored lenses you will need. As you do this, be sure to get your fitting done right to ensure that the goggles serve you accurately.