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Bulletproof shooting goggles are a staple for anyone who wishes to use a gun. Their application has been embraced by both the military and civilians in a shooting range. Shooting goggles are meant to protect your eyes while shooting to ensure that nothing impedes your sight. This is very important seeing as in a military operation, this could mean life or death.

This eyewear is not only meant to protect you from bullets it also ensures that the harsh environmental circumstances you’re working with don’t affect you. These goggles are very different from your motorcycle goggles and other types. This means that when choosing which bulletproof googles to choose, there are a few things you should consider. These things include:

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Checking Your Lens and Frame Material

Shooting goggles feature a reinforcement technology that helps effectively protect your eyes from any damage. When choosing your goggles, you need to ensure that you check the material used during manufacturing.

Material is one of the major players in the effectiveness of your bulletproof goggles. One of the strongest and highly recommended materials in the market is Polycarbonate.

This means that you need to ensure that your frames and lenses are made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate features a strong and scratch-resistant mechanism that allows users to enjoy the protection of their goggles for a long time.

Checking Your Lens and Frame Material
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One of the things that you need to pay attention to is the rating on your shooting googles. This is a very important aspect that should not be ignored. When it comes to this, you have two ratings to consider.

One is the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) rating displayed as Z87.1. This is a standard rating passed by an approved institute which goes to show that the goggles are safe to use.

If you find this rating in any of the goggles, you can be sure they’ll do the job. On the other hand, there’s the second rating which features MIL-PRF-31013 ( MILSPEC). With this rating, you find that the goggles have been subjected to more strenuous circumstances to ensure they are qualified.

These bulletproof goggles are military-grade which means with them you are assured of your safety. If you’d prefer to use goggles that have thoroughly been tested, the MILSPEC rating will work for you.


When choosing your shooting googles, you should ensure that they fit you just right. You don’t want to have goggles that are falling off when shooting. This will hinder your concentration, balance, and also prove to be quite life-threatening.

Your goggles need to be snug but also comfortable to ensure that you have an easy time while wearing them. You also need to consider your nose piece and how the goggles fit.

For most goggles, you find that the nose pieces are adjustable which means you can position them to your liking. Make sure to consider this factor when choosing your goggles.

Additionally, if you plan to be using these glasses in a shooting range, you’ll most likely be using ear muffs. You need to factor this in as you look for the perfect fit.

This is because your ear muffs will affect the fit of your glasses significantly. Carry them with you for your fitting to ensure that your bulletproof goggles sit in the right position.


Customizing Options

As a professional shooter, you’ll find yourself in situations where you are subjected to different weather conditions. For instance, shooting while the sun is hitting your directly needs a different kind of lens.

With this in mind, you should ensure that the shooting goggles you choose are easily customizable. One of the major customizations is the use of different colored lenses.

Different colored lenses will perform different functions which means you’ll have to familiarize yourself with this. For instance, Yellow lenses will increase contrast and also reduce exposure to blue light.

On the other hand, gray lenses will help reduce the effects of the sun without messing with your target colors. Additionally, you also need to consider your normal eyesight. If you use prescription glasses daily, then you’ll need to factor this in.

Ensure that you go with goggles that have an Rx option. This means the bulletproof goggles can easily be adjusted to your required prescription.


Investing in bulletproof googles to aid you when shooting is very important. They’ll keep your eyes safe and also aid you when doing locating your targets. Given that shooting goggles are not like other types of eyewear ensuring that you check all the requirement boxes is essential. Take your time to find goggles that use the right material and have been qualified with a specific rating.

Additionally, choose eyewear that is easily customizable and that fits you well. Taking all these things into account will ensure that you invest in the right goggles that will keep you protected all through.