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Vacationing with the entire family is one of the many reasons why people work as hard as they do the entire year. Once the holidays arrive, many people start packing up things and shifting their entire families to other countries for sightseeing and other things. Ski resorts are among the most popular vacation destinations for families, but at times this usually doesn’t pan out well for many because not all ski resorts are built to accommodate a family vacation or provide the right skiing equipment to ensure safety. However, there are some that do this, and they include the following.

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Levi Ski Resort
Source: www.levi.ski

Levi has it all, steep and gentle slopes, expansive skiing trails, great hotels, and a host of shops that sells and rents out all types of gears from skiing goggles to helmets to the blades. But what really makes Levi such an attractive prospect for families looking to spend some good time playing around in the snow is the availability of a ski school for the children. You can have the kids be taught by professionals while the adults take on the harder trails to get that adrenaline rush. With Finland being hidden away far up north, Lev always has snow throughout the year, meaning you can take your family there anytime you find some time.

Avoriaz Ski Resort
Source: www.avoriaz.com

France is known the world over for being home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, and Avoriaz ski resort is up there among the best for those looking for the ideal palace to go treat their families. Avoriaz has stunning scenery with low and steep ski trails that flow with the landscape, stretching as far as the eyes can reach. 

The resort itself is not that big and is designed for comfort, just what you’d want for a family vacation. There’s direct transportation to the resort straight from the nearest airport. On top of that, there is a ski school where you can take your kids to learn the basics of skiing if that’s the first time out.

Saas-Fee Ski Resort
Source: www.saas-fee.ch

This list would not be complete without mentioning Switzerland, home of the famous Alps that house world-renowned ski resorts. Among the many that dot the tiny European nation, Saas-Fee is the most family-friendly ski resort. It has beautiful scenery that’s made even more alluring by their iconic chocolate village that makes up most of their hotel accommodations. The resort is also surrounded by numerous stores that sell ski gears from some of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the world. It also has a fun park within the grounds where kids can go have their fun while the parents battle it out on the snow.

Livigno Ski Resort
Source: www.livigno.eu

Livigno is a tax-free haven for family vacationing that every person with the means must travel to one day. It has beautiful landscapes with gentle slopes that are safe for kids who may not be that good at skiing. There are countless hotels around the resort that sell great food that comprises of rich Italian cuisine. 

The resort is split into two parts. One with gentle slopes that’s dedicated for beginners and kids and the other secretion reserved for the professionals who know what they are doing. The kid’s section is filled with all sorts of structures for playing, and parents can leave them there in the staff’s safe hand. The entire ski covers over 115km, which is very impressive and one of the reasons why the resort will host the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Arinsal Ski Resort
Source: www.andorraresorts.com

Andorra may be a small nation in Europe, but it has been blessed with amazing mountains and a good supply of snow to make it one of the most frequented skiing destinations in the world. The Arinsal ski resort, in particular, is known for its kid-friendly facilities that have made it a hit with parents looking to give their children an exhilarating skiing experience in a safe environment. The place offers ski lessons to children while providing them with the right skiing gear to keep them safe.


Vacationing as a family is a beautiful thing that everyone should be able to experience at some point in their lives. If you get the chance to take your family to a ski resort, make sure you conform to the rules of the resort to ensure that the vacation doesn’t end with a trip to the hospital or worse. For more information on the right skiing equipment to carry or what to do in advance before taking your whole family to the alps, check out our website and have all your questions and concerns answered.