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Skiing in the summer is not easy. It is the time of the year when people prefer to enjoy the warm sun at the beach after long months in the cold. However, there are some who simply cannot keep off the snow, and they would do everything in their power to go skiing. Armed with skiing goggles and all other equipment, the following are some of the most frequented summer ski resorts in the world right now.

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Obertauern Ski Resort
Source: www.obertauern.com

Hidden away in Austria’s mountainous region, Obertauern is a delightful ski resort that stays open even through the hot summer months and is usually frequented by all kinds of people who cannot resist the chance to speed on the snowy trails with the sun peeking through the clouds at them. The usually white cover of snow that’s the norm in the cold months is usually gone by summer and is replaced by rolling plains of green that are capped with snow once the altitude starts rising up to where the ski resort is located. You can choose to take a break on the 100km trail by taking a cold dip in the many springs and waterfalls that are unleashed in the summer all over the place.

Breuil-Cervinia Resort
Source: www.cervinia.it

Breuil-Cervinia is located right at the foot of the famous skiing mountain called Matterhorn, standing a cool 3,500m above sea level for the perfect skiing experience for the daredevils who simply can’t keep off the snow. The area is able to hold on to much of the snow even when the sun gets extra hot in the summer, and for this reason, hordes of skiers from all over the world usually flock to that resort to take turns swinging from side to side on the expansive snow trail on their way down. The resort is surrounded by shops that sell and hire out skiing equipment like gloves, helmets, and snow goggles.

Meribel Ski Resort
Source: ski-resort.meribel.net

Known for its many luxurious ski resorts frequented in winter, France is also home to some exemplary summer resorts, with Meribel taking the crown to be the best in the region. Located in the mountainous region of Trois Vallees, which is known for its tall alpine trees, the resort plays host to many people looking for the thrill of skiing in with the hot sun bearing down on them. Aside from showcasing your skills on the trail, you can take breaks and play around in the many clean springs that start following once the snow melts from the mountains. You can go paragliding, water skiing and swimming as much as you want.

Banff National Park Resort
Source: www.pc.gc.ca

In winter, the Banff National Park is a mare to behold. It is covered in thick layers of snow that fall over the long alpine trees with the mountains providing the perfect trail for skiing. But once the summer comes around, everything is transformed into a warm paradise with a cold stream of water, creating waterfalls that are a marvel to look at. Many skiers usually troop to the area in huge numbers with their ski and snowboarding equipment to experience the serene environment up close. There are restaurants and hotels around the area that can provide accommodation to any number of people. You get the chance to check out the high mountains in gondolas.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
Source: www.tordrillomountainlodge.com

As the rest of the world warms up and the snow melts, things in the Alaskan region of Tordillo remain the same. No amount of sun gets rid of the snow cover, which makes the location the perfect spot for a quick skiing experience during the summer months. The lodge is nestled in a region that’s surrounded by huge mountains and sharp cliffs. At the same time, there are impressive ski trails made of steep and gentle slopes that are loved by both daredevils and hobbyist skiers. You may have to carry your own gear when visiting the lodge as they lack stores where you can purchase or hire anything related to skiing.


Summers are for duking it out on sunny beaches in some tropical countries while sipping some coconut juice. However, if dealing with overcrowded beaches and the scorching sun is not in your DNA, then find a good ski resort and go immerse yourself in the snow and the cool springs. For more information on the right skiing gear and equipment needed for this trip, feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have. You can also check out our website to see an amazing range of snow goggles that may interest you.